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Because STRATEGY is everything, a Promotional Marketing Strategy Session is the first step working with us; whether you have made up your mind to hire us or simply want Professional Advice and the intellectual properties of our Executive Team about your Vision/Project/Goals.

We've got amazing stories and testimonies we can tell you... even better, we can SHOW  you what we're talking about. 

SUCCESS STORY #1: Cozette White & #CozysWhiteParty

1. Helped Client strategize + execute filming her LIVE at a Speaking engagement and Host her own private event the same day. Doubling down on her opportunities.  
2. Conceptualized event concept + theme
3. Congresswoman Maxine Waters an Attendee
4. Helped client identify, propose & close Event Venue + Sponsors
5. Designed & Produced all Signage (Step & Repeat, Sponsor Wall etc.)
6. Script Writing + Produced/Edited Pre & Post Event Campaign Videos 
7. Event was covered and aired on a major local news channel in Southern California KTLA 5



1. To gain an even greater understanding + clarity on your mission and goals for the next 90days to 6months.

2. To discuss your current marketing strategy (or marketing madness), and create/develop a plan to position your Brand to reach your goals over the next 90 days. 

3. To get money-making ideas on how to best market & promote your Brand/Product/Service/Event.  

SUCCESS STORY #2: #ThriveX360

1. Created & Produced a Digital marketing Campaign for a returning client's Annual Event
2. Helped client clarify, differentiate and launch potential Sponsors
3. I
dentify, Propose + close Keynote Speaker
4. Created Sponsorship Deck, Created Activations + Launched Partnership
5. Script Writing + Produced/Edited Pre Event Video Campaign
6. Implemented strategy & video marketing to increase awareness + ticket sales
7. Designed + Produced Custom Step & Repeat Backdrop
8. Produced and Executed Black Carpet Experience



Strategy Sessions are broken up into two different sessions. Each session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours.

These sessions are held via video chat, telephone or in-person.


After the 1st Strategy Session our Executive Team will be equipped with enough information to provide a custom quote/proposal based on your unique needs and budget. 

Once you decide on the direction you want to go in next select a service option, your strategy session payment will be applied as a credit to your final invoice. *The credit will no longer be eligible and will expire after 21 business days past your Strategy Session. 

The 2nd session is primarily needed for follow-up/follow through with the notes taken from the 1st session.


A Digital Business Card is our way to share/show what you do to those you meet.

Don't just hand someone a business card... 

direct them to watch your Digital Business Card and let the video do all the talking. 



You're probably on the edge of your seat ready to jump right in after your Consultation and now seeing our work and results! We love it and please believe we are ready to get things rolling because this step is well...ONE of the best parts of the entire process! 


An investment of $500.00 is required to get started with your Strategy Session. This guarantees you up to 2 sessions (1-3hrs each), the intellectual properties of our Executive Team, and email + phone support. This payment will be applied as a deposit (credit) to your final invoice opened within 21 days from the strategy session. *The credit will no longer be eligible and will expire after 21 business days past your Strategy Session. No refunds allowed. Our general payment schedule is broken down in a way that supports both parties requiring payments as proofs/revisions are simultaneously happening through the completion of the project. Our typical process is a 3 payment process of 50% down, another 30% due after the first proof is delivered, a final 20% due when the final proof is delivered, then the final project is delivered after approval.


Select a date/time that works best for you. After you select a day/time for your session you will be directed to the invoice for your payment. Once your payment is processed by our Support Team you will be sent a receipt for your records and further instructions. 


We can't wait to work with you!